Saturday, 7 May 2016

The Collection: April

Good Morning!

        Welcome to the third edition of The Collection: a monthly gathering of some of the best things I have found on the internet from the past month.  From the month of April I have selected four things to share with you: a short but wise piece of encouragement for young men, a stunning video of Poland, and a piece of WWII history.  I hope you enjoy them!

        Young Men - Is This You? - In this short article, the author lists eight wise and godly traits that ought to characterise young men in a day and age when disrespect, foolishness, and laziness, are not called out and repented of.  I myself need to be reminded of them all.

        Holiday in Poland - A beautiful and epic journey through the skies of Poland.  Coupled with some good music, the cinematography in this video showcases the beauty of this eastern European country rather well.

        This Month in Military History: - One of the longest and harshest campaigns fought throughout WWII was the Battle of the Atlantic.  Lasting the entire war, this grueling fight was fought by the hardiest of men, helping to keep intact the vital supply-lines of the British Isles.

        See you next month!
        The Collector

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