Thursday, 26 June 2014

Recollections of War: 70 Years Ago . . .

Archival Map showing Allied Positions on June 28,
just after the liberation of Cherbourg.  (Credit)

        70 years ago this day, the American Armed Forces, under the command of Major General J. Collins, finally captured Lieutenant General Karl-Wilhelm von Schlieben, who had been leading the defense of the Port of Cherbourg, just north of Normandy, and the major opposition in the city ceased.
        The Battle for Cherbourg had begun eight days earlier with the American 4th, 9th and 79th Infantry Divisions heading north up the Cherbourg Peninsula.  Ordered by Collins, the main assault began on June 22, but progress was slow.  The German defenders were well situated in the city, but on the 25th Allied naval vessels bombarded the city, and with an effort, the 79th Infantry Div. captured Fort du Roule, and effective resistance ceased.
German prisoners being marched through the
streets of Cherbourg by American soldiers.
        Small pockets of Germans fought on until July 1, but with the liberation of Cherbourg, the Battle for Normandy could be continued without fear of a rear counter-attack.  The capture of the port also allowed the Allies, by the end of July, to use it for landing supplies and reinforcements, contributing to the final defeat of the German Army in France.

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