Saturday, 11 April 2015

Whatever You Call It, Is it Legal?

I do not have time to delve deep into all the issues and surrounding discussions regarding Euathanasia,
however, what I have posted below I hope will serve as a concise and helpful introduction to the topic.

        The proposed legality and right of Assisted Suicide has been hotly debated by many in the past months. Even though the current argument for Assisted Suicide, known also as Euthanasia and Physician Assisted Death (PAD), is centered upon the policy of being publicly safe, the main argument, which has been overlooked, is based upon the inviolability of the human life. The main argument is this: If human life is inviolable, then it is not an option for people to consciously end life; in other words, ending a life even with the consent of the person and/or their advocate is the same as murdering someone.
        So why are many governments considering passing laws that makes PAD legal? Why is human life considered so trivial? It is because we have lost the understanding of the value, importance, and inviolability of life: life is inherently sacred. If we have lost the understanding that destroying life is definitely wrong, then we will end up questioning whether or not it is actually much better to have the option of killing those we no longer want or need.
        We have begun discussing that question already in many countries, states, and provinces, and by opening the door to such sentiments, we have unwittingly allowed Euthanasia to gain more than a foothold of acceptance in our society. The outcome is, unfortunately, almost certain.

Written and Posted by William A. Moore