Saturday, 9 April 2016

Oxford, England: A Pictorial Visit

        Many of you who read this blog mostly likely know that I recently returned from travelling in England, having gone to study the history and the craft of writing with author Douglas Bond and seven other writer-friends.  It would take too long to tell about all the places we visited, and the people we learned from, and the fun we had, and of course all of what Mr. Bond taught us, but below is a selection of my best photos.  In the future I plan on recounting some of what we did and certainly some of what Mr. Bond taught us.
        Eva, Rachel, Caitie, Faith, Alisa, Justin, and John -  if you are reading this, know that I considered it a great blessing to travel, learn, and explore with you.  God-speed all of your writing adventures!

Oxford, England, home of many great writers, poets, and Reformers.

Baliol College, where John Wycliffe studied.

Pembroke College, Oxford

Writing on location in the Bodlian Library, Oxford.

King's College, Oxford

Banbury Hill Farm, where we stayed.

The village of Olney, where John Newton & William Cowper lived.

Standing in front of Magdalen College, where C. S. Lewis lived and taught, and the 
Martyr's Monument, where the lives and death of Cranmer, Latimer, & Ridley are remembered.

Magdalen College, Oxford

 Walking 'Addison's Walk' where C. S. Lewis heard the
Gospel from his friends J. R. R. Tolkien & Hugo Dyson.

 The grave of C. S. Lewis & his brother in the 
churchyard of Holy Trinity, which Lewis attended.

Keble College, where Lewis trained for military service in WWI, and where a 
long forgotten photograph of a younger Lewis was recently discovered in the archives.

The last night - Sunset over the Cotswolds, Middle England.

Many more photos can be found on my Facebook profile: click HERE to view my complete album.

Here are links featuring some of my fellow author-traveler's websites:

Mr. Douglas Bond's website.

It truly was a magnificent trip!

I Gogoniant Crist,
William A. Moore


  1. Wow, looks like it was an awesome trip! Mr. Bond is an amazing writer. It must've been neat to learn from him.

    1. It was indeed, Gloria. Mr. Bond is a wonderful teacher too.


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