Saturday, 26 March 2016

Why I am a Christian

                ‘Always be ready to give a [reason] for the hope that is within you’, says the apostle Peter in his first epistle. This is a very wise admonition for the Christian, as I have found through experience that one of the least encouraging positions to be in as a Christian is the place where you know you are saved, but when someone asks you, ‘Why?’ you are at a loss for words. The answer is not just, “Because I am a Christian!” It is because of the great and marvelous work of Jesus as shown below.  
                As a Christian I am saved from judgement by a holy and righteous God. Thus, I am saved from the just punishment my sins deserve: death. Because of God’s love for those whom he would call to be his own, he saved me through his great mercy. It was not because of anything that I did which caused God to look upon me favourably. It was because of his great love which he had for me that he sent Christ to die upon the cross in my place, taking the wrath which my sins deserve, and now accepts me because of the Lord Jesus’ righteousness.
                But being a Christian is not just about being saved from eternal punishment, even though that is a large part of the process of salvation. I am saved from hell, but what am I saved for? I am saved for the ultimate glory and honour of God. I am saved to be his servant and to do his will.  I am saved to serve and bless others.  I am saved to bear witness about the life-giving work of Christ.  Therefore, I must live my whole life in submission to his commands, and strive by his grace to live in such a way that will bring honour to his name.

                I am a Christian so I can be saved from judgement and death.

                I am a Christian so I can live for Christ’s Glory.

Written and Posted by William A. Moore

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