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Recollections of War: The Battle of Britain: Part One

Dedicated to those of the Royal Canadian Air Force who did not return.

        September 5th signals the 75th Anniversary of the end of the hardest fought week of the Battle of Britain.  By the end of this week, the German Luftwaffe had launched over 1500 separate attacks on Britain.  During the last week of August and first week of September, the German Air Force made a determined effort to erase and defeat the RAF airfields and aircraft.  By September 4th, the RAF lost 112 pilots and 256 planes, and were close to defeat.
        But the Royal Air Force had responded with so many sorties against the enemy that the head of the Luftwaffe, Hermann Goering, became frustrated with his raids being met by seemingly endless numbers of RAF aircraft, and made the decision to leave off attempting to destroy the RAF.  With the pressure relieved, the Royal Air Force was able to regroup and rebuild their strength, and prepare to meet the final major German offensive that would come soon.
        Below, presented as a short photo-journal, are some remarkable pictures taken during the Battle of Britain of Royal Canadian Air Force aircrew and ground-crew as they fought alongside Britain in its hour of need.

RCAF pilots run towards their waiting Hurricanes in this
incredible photograph taken during the height of the Battle.

Ground crew replace the port wheel on a Hurricane.  These often forgotten,
yet vital members of the RCAF, played an important role throughout the war

A pilot of No.1 Squadron climbs out of his plane after a sortie knowing full
well that he will be fighting in the skies again before the day is out.

A rare colour photograph of a Hurricane of 
No.1 Squadron RCAF over the south of England
Remembering 75 years ago,
William A Moore
Part Two commemorates all those who fought in the Battle of Britain with a insightful look at the period of WWII history between July and October 1940.

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  1. The Hurricane looks rather similar to the P-51 Mustang...Thanks for sharing!


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