Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Reformation Tour Overview: Rome to Geneva 2015

        Friends, I'm back from Europe - and with plenty of pictures, stories, and history to share with you.
        Having traveled overseas twice now, I can say that each time, while being so different, has been incredible.  The fellowship with friends, wonderful teaching by Douglas Bond, and, of course, excellent food, have contributed to a trip which I would, without hesitation, repeat again.  (That is, if my bank account could handle it!)
        I have been asked what was one thing which stood out to me from the tour, and to answer that question I must say that traveling through real places where God used real men to help bring His Word back to the center of our lives was truly remarkable.  Learning about the Huguenots in the south of France and their trials and triumphs was something which also stood out to me very much.  We also learned about a man by the name of Girolamo Savonarola who was instrumental in the Italian Reformation - but more of that later...
        Meanwhile, here are some photographs from places we visited while in Europe, with more to follow.  I hope you enjoy them.

        Also do stay tuned for a special video from this tour - coming soon!

I Gogoniant Crist,
William Moore

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