Monday, 22 September 2014

Recollections of War: The Heroism of the Allied Airborne Forces

As it is the 70th Anniversary of Operation Market Garden this past week,
this post is dedicated to the men of the British, American, and Polish forces
who participated in Operation Market Garden - and did not return.

        One of my favourite scenes from the movie A Bridge Too Far, which recreated the victorious defeat of the combined British and American Operation Market Garden, is embedded here below.  I think it shows to memorable effect the courage and heroism of the soldiers and pilots who participated in that great operation.
        The film A Bridge Too Far, made in 1977, is one of the best made movies I have seen about the Second World War.  Almost all of the events portrayed in it are true to history, and even though it was made before the advent of Computer Generated Visual Effects (CGVFX), the producers took a lot of care in making sure the special effects done right.  In the scene clipped from the movie below, you will notice at 1:55 there is a shot of a Dakota C-47 transport aircraft surrounded by sister aircraft and Horsa gliders.  Those were painted onto the film stock before it was cut together for the final product.  That shows the amount of care and precision taken and required for this amazing film.
        One of the things I like about this scene is that the film just has music at this point, leaving the viewer to really be drawn into the emotion and heart-pounding power of the movie as the real action starts to begin.  Even though Operation Market Garden ultimate plans did not come to fruition, as can be read about here, through the courage and sacrifice of men of the Allied Airborne Forces, much was achieved - though opposed by great odds.

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  1. Good thoughts, William, and well expressed. I write about my friend Frank Starr in STANDFAST and HOLDFAST who was a paratrooper in Market Garden--fascinating moment in history


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