Saturday, 4 June 2016

The Collection: May

Good Morning!

        Welcome to the third edition of The Collection: a monthly gathering of some of the best things I have found on the internet from the past month. From the month of May I have selected four things to share with you: a very thoughtful and beautiful look at who we ought to be, an interesting look at why old books smell nice, an epic collection of modern Celtic music, and a piece of WWII history. I hope you enjoy them!

        Who I Am - "My goal is to ultimately define who I am in Christ. To be a light to others. To find all of my fulfillment in my God and point others to Him for answers."

        Why Old Books Smell Good - A scientific look at the reasons why certain books have their own peculiar smells - and how you can tell the difference.

        An Epic Celtic Music Collection - Most of this selection is really terrific music, either to listen to while reading a good book, or when hard at work on an awesome project.

        This Month in Military History - A fascinating story of a time when German soldiers fought side by side with American troops against Nazi SS fighters.  Click HERE for a longer version.

        See you next month!
        The Collector

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