Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Ballantyne in Canada!

Ballantyne and Barnston at Tadoussac, 1846

      I found this painting of R. M. Ballantyne (on the left). It was on a cookie tin that our family received at Christmas.  The tin reads thus: "Ballantyne and Barnston at Tadoussac, 1846".  It goes on: "R. M. Ballantyne (left) and Chief Trader George Barnston (center) arrive at Tadoussac, Quebec, on the Saguenay River, February 1846, having traveled overland from Montreal."
      Ballantyne is one of my favourite authors, and to happen upon him in a painting was very exciting.  He, in his writing, used experiences from his travels in Canada and elsewhere, and in so doing fired the spirits of young men to go out and take dominion for Christ in the world.
     I love the way he always proclaims the Gospel boldly in his books, as I am sure he did in his life.  He was a real character in real history, and God providentially used him, in sharing his experiences, to encourage young men and women to populate the New World and in so doing taking the Gospel to un-reached people.

Written and Posted by William A Moore

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