Thursday, 10 November 2016

A Return of sorts . . .

        Friends and Readers of this Blog:

        Over the course of the past few years of writing this blog, I have taken some breaks from posting.  One of those breaks, whilst broken by this post, is somewhat permanent.  I now have a full time job, and am moving forward toward certain life goals, many of which preclude regular posting and writing on blogs.

        However, there may be a few infrequent posts still left to write.  I still maintain a love for history, music, and writing, and when I have time, quite possibly will post a few things now and then on this blog.  Speaking of which, Remembrance Day is tomorrow - and I hope to commemorate it in a small way later on Friday evening.

        I pray that what I have written in the past, and may write in the future, proved interesting and edifying.  Thanks for following along with me as I remembered many historical events, thought about current things, and wrote about many other subjects.  Many blessings to my readers, both from the start of this blog, and those who find these posts on the web in time.

        I Gogoniant Crist,
      (For Christ's Glory)

      William A. Moore

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