Monday, 20 June 2016

Fly Fest 2016: Flying in a Royal Canadian Air Force 'Chipmunk'

        On the weekend I had the opportunity to take a flight in one of my favourite aircraft - a deHavilland 'Chipmunk' of the RCAF, now owned and operated by the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum(CWHM).

        Interestingly enough, as we were up in the air, my pilot and I heard over the radio from ATC(Air Traffic Control) about the CWHM Lysander making a forced landing in a field nearby after having engine troubles, and we flew towards the spot until a helicopter was sent out instead.  Everyone was alright, and the plane only sustained minor damage, particularly to its landing gear.  So my flight, though thankfully not having to ditch, still turned out to be quite an adventurous flight!

        Here is a short video I made using footage gathered whilst on the ground and in the air:

Written, Filmed, and Posted by William A Moore

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