Saturday, 12 March 2016

Three Reminders when Sharing the Gospel

        Tempted to be ashamed of the Gospel? Surely that never happens! But all too often it does. As one who has shared the Gospel with non-Christians, though not nearly as much as I ought, I know the feelings of fear and anxiousness that come upon me when I seek to share Christ with others. A few times this has spurred me on to share Christ more boldly – but more often than not it has closed my mouth. Sharing the gospel is something which we all agree should be done, and wholeheartedly applaud those who do it, but when an opportunity comes our way, or if we are called upon to do it, we inwardly shrink back inside.
        I have struggled with how to overcome this tendency, and have found that there are three things which have helped me to become bolder, and at the same time, loving, in my proclamation of the Gospel. The first is that I do not have to think up everything I might need to say beforehand. While it is very beneficial to study apologetics and learn how to answer objection and questions people will have, remember that God will give us grace to speak truth into the lives of those with whom we speak. Thus, I have no excuse to not share the Gospel.
        Second, I remember that it is not my words or my arguments that convince someone of the truth of the Gospel – only the Spirit can do that. I may be used by God as his instrument to share the Gospel, but I am not the one who saves others. God has chosen whom he will to hear the Gospel and repent; my job is to make sure that they hear how Christ died for their sins and was raised to life.  I am only God's tool through which He may choose to bring someone to the knowledge of Him.
        Third, I need to bring everything before God in prayer. Telling him my struggles; repenting of my sin; asking him to enable me to trust more fully in him: these are the things which I need to do.  I also need to pray for those with whom I will share the Gospel - that God would open their heart, and give them ears to hear.  While I may still be somewhat fearful of men, I have nothing to worry about for God will give grace to help in time of need.
        So when you and I struggle with sharing the Gospel, I hope and pray that what I have shared may encourage us. But always remember that it is God who gives the grace and strength to do his will, and when we trust him fully, he will always give us wisdom and kindness to speak the truth.

Written by William A. Moore

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  1. Thanks brother William, this is an encouraging and much needed reminder!!


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