Tuesday, 23 February 2016

A Return to the Blog

        Once again the new year passes quickly on, and once again I return to my blog.  This year, I intend, Lord willing, to place more of an emphasis upon the persons of history in my posting: a focus upon some of the great men who lived and died, fought and wrote in the past. Included in that will be reviews of some books that these men wrote.  I also will be sharing some essays that I completed during a summer internship I was part of this past year.

        Also, I will providing a monthly collection of some interesting things that I have found or will find on the internet - things such as music, videos, and of course, good theological articles. This will be titled, not surprisingly, 'The Collection' and February's edition will be published on March 4.

        Now to begin this new year I am posting a short essay I wrote on the subject of history.  In it I not only discuss whether or not there are two types of history - sacred and secular, but also why we as Christians ought to study history.  The post will be published Friday of this week.

I Gogoniant Crist,
William A Moore

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