Saturday, 31 October 2015

Reformation Day Riddles

        Seeing as it is Reformation Day today, I thought I would do something a little different than my usual postings.  So today I am going to share a bit of Reformation history using riddles.  There are four riddles outlining the history of a historical character from the Reformation - but with no names.  It is your job to figure them out - which character goes with each question.  Leave a comment below if you know.  Are you ready?

1.  I was born on November 11, 1491 in France.  Like Luther, I became a monk as a young man, but left the monastic life as I discovered the doctrines of grace.  I studied theology at Heidelburg University, and then lived and ministered in the German city of Strasbourg(which is now in France).  My first name was the same as Luther's.  I traveled to England in the later part of my life at the invitation of Thomas Cranmer, and I died in Cambridge on February 28, 1551.  Who am I?

2.  I was part of the lesser known Italian Reformation.  I was born on October 25, 1510 in a small city north of Rome.  My husband was Catholic, so I had reformers come to my home in disguise.  One of them was John Calvin who disguised himself under the name of Charles d'Esperville.  The reformed poet and versifier of the Psalms, Clement Marot, also came to my court and was my secretary for a while.  I was also put in prison by my son, who was Catholic, for refusing to deny Protestant doctrines.  I died on June 15, 1575.  Who am I?

3.  My mother was Queen of a small province in France.  I was born on November 16, 1528.  As a child I grew up in the beautiful Basque countryside until I moved to a large and grim fortress where I lived until I was married.  My husband Antoine and I loved each other, but as time went on, he proved less than passionate about the Reformed faith.  My son Henri eventually became king of France, though sadly he did not stridently advance the Huguenot cause.  I organized the Protestant armies with the Gaspard de Coligny until I died on June 9, 1572.  Who am I?

4.  I was born sometime in 1511, and grew up in Switzerland.  I am sometimes known as 'The Forgotten Reformer'.  My father sent me to University of Paris to study, and my life was changed forever by hearing the Gospel there.  I lived in Geneva for some years, and helped the city with the continuation of the Reformation.  I also taught at a school in Lausanne where I trained many preachers for the Reformation.  With all humility, I was also John Calvin's closest friend.  I died in France, May 4, 1571.  Who am I?

That's all for this year - maybe I should do one every year to help us remember Reformation history.  Thanks for reading.  And don't forget to leave your answers to the riddles in the comments below!

Happy Reformation Day!
 ~ William A Moore


  1. I know what number three is! Her name is Queen Jeanne d'Albret of Navarre!

  2. 1. Shame on me. Don't know...though I think if I heard it, I'd remember.
    2. I recognise the story, but can't place the name...
    3. Queen of Navarre...I forget her first name; unless it was Jean.
    4. Pierre Verret

    This was rather enjoyable. :)


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