Saturday, 30 May 2015

"He Made the Stars Also"

        I have an interest in astronomy, and having a telescope, I love to look outside the sphere of the earth and marvel at the wonderful power and creativity of God.  I also take pictures, and just sent in some of my photos for an astrophotography contest.  I thought I would share what I consider my four favourite with you.

The Moon with the planets Mars(top) and Venus.

An airliner passes through their midst.

An October Star-field.

Campfire light reflects off trees while the stars shine on.
        These pictures only serve to remind me of how great and sovereign our God is.  The little phrase in Genesis 1, "He made the stars also," should make us so thankful for a God, who, while he can make stars with a word, also made us in his image and for His praise and glory.  How could we have any excuse not worship and serve our Creator?

Photographed, Written, and Posted by William A Moore


  1. Beautiful photos, William! The universe never fails to amaze me.

  2. Great pics brother William!! I love the campfire one. Ken


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