Saturday, 21 March 2015

Opportunity With Responsibility

I am not a perfect example of honour and integrity, but in looking at my own life
and how I can become more Christ-like, these are some thoughts which came to mind.  ~ William Moore

        Honour and Integrity: these are hard things to find in many a young man these days.  I don't believe the only reason is because our culture has strayed away from God's Moral Law, though that has contributed to the problem in a large degree.  I think one of the main reasons is because having integrity and honour and maintaining it in a worldly culture is hard to accomplish.  In fact, things that are worth having and keeping are normally hard.
        Which is why, as Christian young men, we have an awesome opportunity and also a great responsibility in this regard. The opportunity is to show the world how God's Word affects our life, and be a witness to that truth. The responsibility is that if we don't glorify God in these areas, then we are not being a true representative of what we say we are - Christians.  Great opportunity comes with great responsibility.
        My sister made the comment just a day or two ago, while we were talking about World War II, that "Men acted like men in those days." What that means is that, while not perfect, the example that the men of two generations ago set should not be taken lightly.  Looking back now, we can see that by going off to war, not being sure if they would ever come back, they were obeying the principle set in Scripture of loving your neighbour, and protecting their families.  These men held integrity and honour in high esteem - even to the cost of laying down their life.
        Today, for most of us, we live a very easy life.  We are not going to war tomorrow - or are we?  What about taking the opportunity and the responsibility of honour and integrity more seriously, and applying it in every way possible to our lives.  This will be hard - the devil does not appreciate the world seeing the powerful effect of God in our lives.  For, after all, our life is not our own, but is hidden with Christ above. Is there anything more that we can do than Glorify our Creator and Saviour by being men of Integrity and Honour?

Written and Posted by William A. Moore

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