Thursday, 31 October 2013

News, Updates, and Welcome Back!

Dear Readers,

        Well, here it is seven months since I last posted!  A lot of things have gone on since then, one being a trip to Europe on the trail of the Reformation*; another being a new focus and plan for this blog - both of which have had a key effect on where this blog shall go next.
        I have been considering many possible uses for this blog over the summer.  During that time I came to a realization of something which we, as Christians, need to study and learn from.  That something is a right and true view of History.  Many people separate history into two major sections: secular history and religious history.  Well, that distinction should not be made.  All of history is governed by God, and He is the one who sustains this world and the universe "according to the power of His word."  He providentially orchestrates history for our good and His glory - so it upon us now to acknowledge His sovereignty, and to learn from history.
        I want to focus this blog on a providential view of history, and write about how God has, is, and will work his plan throughout history.  But also we cannot thoroughly understand history without a good knowledge of theology, so I will be posting on that subject as well.  I hope that this focus for this blog will help it to move along steadily and interestingly, and that we all will learn many things as we read and study history and theology.
        As a final note, history, and the writing of and about it, is one of the ways I feel called to advance Christ's Kingdom, and reform culture at this juncture in my life.  I hope and pray that the Lord will use this small effort for his purposes and glory.

For the Kingdom, and the Glory of our King,

William Moore

* To be posted in the future.