Sunday, 17 February 2013

The Battle for Truth

The Battle for Truth

The Battle for Truth was about to begin,
The night was over at last;
Men of the Covenant gave prayer to their King,
By grace they would stand fast.

Battle was joined: volleys poured in,
Men burned to right the wrong;
The burn ran red with Covenanter blood,
But their line stood firm and strong.

The enemy charged again, yet again,
Thundering up the height;
The men of the Covenant stood their ground,
They fought and died for Christ.

The battle was lost, but their faith was not,
Their Hope continues on;
Continue to remember the fight for Truth,
Until the Victory be won.

We now look back at those hard-lived days,
Reading in true amazement;
We now look forward – to Christ our King,
Who will come to reign with us yet.

William Moore © 2013

            I wrote this poem thinking of our continual battle of Truth against Sin – both now and in history.  As you can read, the poem both has a literal meaning and a spiritual meaning.  Men, real men, fought against real foes in real battles; I am thinking here especially of Covenanting times in the 1600’s.  In many fights the Covenanters lost to the Royalists, but their faith was not cut off, and they continued to trust their King – that he would “work all together for them that love God.”  But there is also a way in which this relates to our time here on earth.  We must, by God’s grace, continually war against the world, the flesh, and the devil.  He, our enemy, will do all he can to stop us in our walk with Christ, so we must always ask for the help of the Spirit to resist him and turn our focus to Christ, rather than ourselves, in our life.  And lastly, we should always look to Christ, “The author and finisher of our faith,” but at the same time remember the men who have gone before us, and follow in their example – which is that of our Saviour.

Written and Posted by William A Moore

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