Friday, 1 February 2013

Rise Up Young Men of God

Rise up, Young Men of God

'Rise up young men of God,
Have done with lesser things;
Step straight the way that leads on high,
Exalt the King of Kings.

'Rise up young men of God,
He is our King and Lord;
And whether in your work or play,
Oh, think upon his word.

'Rise up young men of God,
Defend our holy Church;
And either if you win or die,
Come in to His new earth.

'Rise up young men of God,
Push on through this hard race;
Run with the help of God's Spirit,
And always through His grace.

'Rise up young men of God,
You shall not fear nor mope;
For God is our refuge and strength,
In trouble - our hope.

'Rise up young men of God,
For yet this race seems long;
Christ's name will help and push us on,
'Till we stand straight and strong."

William Moore, © 2011

            I wrote this poem to encourage young men in the faith and in their walk with Christ.  I have six short things to say to encourage you in our Faith.  These points correspond with the stanzas in the poem.  First, I know well that sin is easy to slip into, and also how easy it can be to justify it.  We need to recognize our sin, put it off, and put our hope in our Saviour.  Second, whatever we are doing, we should be doing it to glorify God, and in so doing bless others.  This can only be done if we continually ask for the Spirit’s help.  It is easy to slip into thinking we can do it ourselves, rather than trusting Christ.  Third, we must know how to express our hope in our Saviour – the Gospel.  If we want to share Christ with unbelievers (which, if we are truly saved, we should want to do), we need not fear others responses, but respectfully and clearly share the Gospel.  This is probably the most important: We need to know the Gospel.  Everything else follows on its heels.  Fourth, things will be tough at times, but the more we lean on our God, who holds all things in the palm of his hand, the more will we be able to keep on the narrow way.  Again, we need the Spirit to help us in this area as well.  Fifth, when we feel like everything and everyone is against us, we should remember that there is always one for us.  Our God.  We are his children and he our father, if we, by his grace, are trying to do the right, he will always stick with us, for he never breaks his word.  He should always be our Hope.  Lastly, there is the Hope of final redemption.  In the end all will be made right.  Christ will come again, and he will make all things new.  If we have been faithful to his word, we then will rejoice with him in his kingdom.  Let that hope stir us to glorify him – our God!  I hope that this encourages you to become more and more like Christ.  Just going through and writing this sure has for me!

Written and Posted by William A Moore

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