Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Glimpse into Henty Theology

Excerpt from The Young Colonists, by G. A. Henty:

    "I wonder," Dick said thoughtfully, "why the tzetze was created; most insects are useful as scavengers, or to furnish food for birds, but I cannot see the use of a fly which is so terribly destructive as this."
    "I can't tell you, my boy," Mr. Harvey said. "That everything, even the tzetze, has a good purpose, you may be sure, even though it is hidden from us."

    Henty was a Christian, and here his faith shows through subtly.  Everything God created is good, even though we maybe cannot see it at the time.  God himself is good, and everything that he creates must at some point reflect His goodness.  We may not see God's workings clearly, but be assured that He does everything for His Glory and our good!

Written by William Moore

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